Late News Submission

NDNC 2022 is soliciting Late News abstracts on late breaking, cutting edge work on Diamond, DLC, Nano Carbon (CNT, Graphene, Nanodiamond , etc.), Nitride (BN, CN, etc.), and Related Materials.
A very limited number of late news papers will be accepted as oral presentations. Late news papers are not eligible for young scholar awards.

*Do not revise or replace your abstract submitted before 25 January 2022. Revision of the submitted abstract will be not accepted.

  1. NDNC2022 will be held in on-site format.
  2. In case that the COVID-19 situation changes, the organization format may change. Detailed information regarding format changes will be posted on the NDNC2022 website. You will also receive this information by e-mail if you register for "My page."
  3. Registration fee will be adjusted when the organization format changes.
  4. VISA is needed to enter Japan for all non-Japanese attendees at present (06/Dec/2021). Please respect the entry rules of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), Japan.

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Abstract Submission guidelines
  1. To submit your abstract, you need to create your own "My page". After creating "My page", your password will be delivered automatically to the registered e-mail address. If you don't receive your password within a day, please write to the secretariat,
  2. Abstract should be written in English and submitted by A4 size, 1 page only. No additional pages will be accepted. It should contain the title of paper, author(s), affiliation(s), postal address, main text (including all figures, tables and references) and e-mail address of the corresponding author. The abstract submission should be made only by the corresponding author. Detailed instructions can be found in the abstract template.
  3. The abstract file should be created in pdf form and named as the corresponding author's name (lastname_firstname.pdf) to upload through "My page".
  4. The Program Committee will review all submitted abstracts. Notification regarding abstract acceptance will be sent to the corresponding author at the beginning of March 2022.
  5. To decide which topics to submit your abstract, please refer the list of research topics and Keywords at below:

*Please be noted that the accepted abstract will be incorporated in the conference program officially after your on-line registration completed by April 18th., 2020.

Abstract Template